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Charter our King Air B200


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  • Congratulation to Gabriel Rascon - First Solo
  • Congratulation to Cory TerEirck - Private Pilot
  • Congratulation to Heath Burlando - G1000 Course
  • Congratulation to Mark Hewitt - G1000 course winner
  • Congratulation to Timothy Miller - Instrument Rating
  • Congratulation to Scott Crossen- Private Pilot
  • Congratulation to Nadine Dubach - Private Pilot
  • Congratulation to Michael DeGroote - First Solo
  • Congratulation to Donlan Page - First Solo
  • Congratulation to Marc Sokol – Solo
  • Congratulation to Shawn McGettigan – Sport Pilot
  • Congratulation to Steve Weiner – Sport Pilot
  • Congratulation to Kyra Fontaine – Private Pilot
  • Congratulation to Neal Van Den Langenberg - First Solo
  • Congratulation to Tim Crowe - Private Pilot
  • Congratulation to Scott Crossen - re-solo after having to stop 8 years ago
  • Congratulation to Sam Mogren - Private Pilot
  • Congratulation to Heath Burlando - Commercial ASEL
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Falcon Executive Aviation Charter Department


Falcon Executive Aviation is FAA-Approved under Part 135 to carry passengers or cargo in pressurized, multiengine turbo-prop and jet aircraft.

You can access thousands more airports than the airlines, without ever standing in line, leaving and returning according to your schedule.   Our sphere of service includes on-demand service throughout the contiguous US, most of Canada, Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean.

Falcon Executive Aviation's Charter Department employs some of the most seasoned professionals to pilot our aircraft to the destination of your choice. All our pilots have impressive knowledge and experience in the aviation industry, backed by top-notch recurrent training every six months.

Charter Aircraft


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